Business Email, That Means Business!


Enterprise class SSD SAN storage delivers unparalleled performance.


Cyren - World class virus and spam + DOS brute force protection.


Backed up nightly to a dedicated repository in the same Data Centre

Email Server Features

Webmail Client

Group Chat

File Storage





Email Archiving




Brute Force Protection

Secondary MX

Improved mail delivery in the event primary servcies are down, emails are queued up and re delivered once service is restored

Groupware Everyware

Sync Contacts, Calendar, Tasks & Mail between mobiles and desktops, allowing users on any OS to share data within your organsation.

Domain Aliases

More than one domain name? Aliases allow multiple domains to receive emails to the same mailbox.

Unlimited iMAP & POP Users

Create POP & iMAP mailboxes for users in your organisation or for better email segmentation.

Pooled SSD Storage

Allows your organisation to share the storage as “all you can eat” or a fixed amount per mailbox.

Resource Calendars

Group calendars for staff leave, meeting rooms or other internal resources that require scheduling.

Distribution Lists

Create segmented email lists to receive group communication, newsletters and announcements.

Highly Available

Clustered server architecture relocates (vh) busienss emails to a new host in seconds in the event of host flaure..

Manage Team Resources

Manage a users mailbox, calander or tasks from within your current login or share a group mailbox between multiple users.

Our Promise

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our 30 day money back guarantee means just that, a full refund of the resource cost no quesitons asked. - Terms Of Service

100% Network Uptime

The Micron21 network is ranked first in Australia out of over 2,100 competing networks. >> Network

All Australian Support

Our expert support team is right here in Oz working from our Micrin21 Data Centre - we speak your language!


3 ActiveSync Mailboxes
  • Unlimited POP & iMAP mailboxes
  • 45 GB Pooled Storage
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12 ActiveSync Mailboxes
  • Unlimited POP & iMAP mailboxes
  • 180 GB Pooled Storage
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21 ActiveSync Mailboxes
  • Unlimited POP & iMAP mailboxes
  • 315 GB Pooled Storage
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What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

REHAB MANAGEMENT are now the most technologically advanced health care provider in Australia. They came to us looking for a way to move their in-house data centre into the cloud. With over 200 users, ageing infrastructure and unhappy staff they needed a sloid sloution fast.

Boris Kotevvski

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