It’s been a while since we talked about what’s been happening behind the scenes at (vh). I’m proud to say we’ve been very, very busy planning our vision for amazing cloud services for your business.

Since the company's inception in 2007, (vh)'s mission has been to accelerate the transition the cloud cloud helping future proof your business, evolve ideas and concepts and make the cloud easy.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming on our Roadmap for 2018 and beyond.

New Website And Branding

Release date: Currently rolling out

You may have started seeing our new logo in a few places, on the website, in email corespondense and within invoices. This is all part of our rebranding exercise that started in 2017 and has been coming together throughout the year ready for a fresh new look in 2018.

Bobi our new graphic designer has played a pivotal role in bringing us an updated and improved style, simplified modern logo and designing the new website.

New CP upgrades for easier usability

Release date: Now available


One of the areas that’s seeing constant improvement is the CP - Client Panel where everyone accesses their services, manages accounts and logs support requests.

We've been working very hard on enhancing every aspect of CP from being able to complete tasks in less steps, to major upgrades to Shared Hosting management, additional two factor security, managed file recovery for vCloud clients and many more. Full details will be outlined in upcoming dedicated blog posts for each specific enhancement.

New shared SMB and Reseller web hosting packages and upgrades

Release date: Due late first quarter 2018

We've had an incredible run at keeping our shared hosting packages simple by sticking with the principle “one, two, three, many” so keeping packages under three was essential.

After many discussions with clients and listening to feedback we're going to be sticking with the same methodology but splitting shared web hosting into two separate categories; SMB hosting and Reseller hosting.

Keep your eyes open in the coming weeks to take advantage of the new packages for  SMB and Reseller shared web hosting.

Support System Upgrades For Managed Support Clients

Release date: Currently rolling out and due early second quarter 2018

Well be moving to a separate support system for managed support clients with support agreements. Each client will get their own email address to use for support and designated contacts will be added to the support portal so users can easily relay emails without the need to access the web portal to open a ticket.

More info to be released shortly.

New o365 killer - collaboration email services

Release date: Currently rolling out due for release mid second quarter 2018

The title says it all!

We will be launching our own hosted Exchange/ O365 email and collaboration services at a fraction of the cost compared to O365 and all managed and supported by Micron21 - Australia’s Only Tier 4 Data Centre in Melbourne.

If you need Office licensing for your desktop Mac, PC or mobile device you'll be able to grab them directly from us meaning one invoice and one transaction simplifying billing.

New PRTG Monitoring Services

Release date: Due for release late second quarter 2018

A great product we have used for years to monitor client services and our own systems is PRTG Network Monitor from Paessler. We have allowed some clients access to the monitoring portal to view statics for IP Transit usage and uptime of monitored services with great feedback on the service inspiring us to expand the offering.

This year we'll be launching our hosted PRTG service that allows clients to purchase monitoring sensors to track almost any type of resource hosted either with us or externally, from websites, to Virtual Machines third party cloud services and everything in between.

With over 200+ sensor types to choose from the world is your oyster. /cast your eyes over these/see all/information is power - put the power back in your hands.

Fair Use Policy Shared Hosting and IP Transit / GB

Release date: Currently rolling out due for release early second quarter 2018

Shared hosting and IP transit services utilising per GB costing will soon have a fair use policy in place to minimise bill shock. Clients subscribing to these services will benefit from a 20% fair use policy allowing clients to exceed their allocated limits and not incur additional costs.

vCloud Upgrades And Enhancements

Release date: Due for release early second quarter 2018

Some super exciting features are coming to the (vh) vCloud platform; take a sneak peak of a few below:

  • New HTML 5 UI
  • Metrics for viewing VM statistics
  • Moving all current VDS - Virtual Dedicated Servers into vCloud for self-service management
  • + more

More info to be released shortly.

Veeam vCloud Back Portal And Integration

Release date: Due for release late second quarter 2018.

Self-manage vCloud ORG VM - Virtual Machine restores from granular file and folder levels to entire VMs from your Accounts CP.

More information coming soon.

GaaS - GPU As A Service

Release date: Due for release second quarter 2019

To quote the Rolling Stones "Jumping Jack Flash Is A GaaS, GaaS, GaaS!"

GaaS - GPU As A Service is here.

Virtualise any workload

GPU enabled Virtual Machines are leading the new remote office world of the future.

"The enterprise is transforming. Workflows are evolving and companies need to run high-end simulations and visualisations alongside modern business apps for all users on any device. With NVIDIA Virtual GPU solutions and NVIDIA Pascal GPUs, IT organisations can virtualise graphics and compute, easily allocate resources for any workload, and gain the greatest user density for their VDI investment."

Contractors or remote staff that need to access to high performing GPU enabled services for VR - Virtual Reality or AR - Augmented Reality games programming and design, CAD rendering or HD video editing now have exactly what they need.

Unshackle from the soul destroying process of uploading/downloading thousands of MBs or even GBs of files into the cloud and down to a users desktop on low bandwidth. Speed up staff productivity by keeping your data central and collaborate with team members in real time.

Tesla delivers the highest performance and user density for virtual desktops, applications and workstations.

More information coming soon.

Gerardo Altman

With over 25 years’ experience in the IT industry, Gerardo Altman is a key solutions architect and MD of Velocity Host, an Australian-based IaaS - Infrastructure As A Service provider specialising in enterprise cloud solutions.