A Story Of Automated Backups & Self Service Restores

We're always on the lookout to improve services and deliver incredible value to clients. Recently we introduced three new SMB shared hosting plans specifically designed to cater for a range of business uses; from small Start-Ups to Established businesses and Pro packages catering to all business types.

In designing these new packages we consulted heavily with clients really listening to pain points on how we could help our SMBs manage their data better. A strong theme kept surfacing - the management of backups and file restores was an area desperately needing improvement.

The Old Way: Clunky Backups & Restores

By default, cPanel provides a very basic method for backing up your hosted data, which is the all or nothing approach. These server backups live in the same hosting space as your site files and can become excessively data-heavy, consuming a large chunk of your allocated hosted storage space if not regularly removed.

When you revert to a previous website backup in cPanel, it actually overwrites all the current data (so it's gone forever!) which means that it isn't possible to simply restore a specific file, email or DB.

This only left you with the painstaking option of downloading the entire backup to your desktop, digging through all those files and folders and trying to find the data you actually need. Clearly not an ideal scenario, not to mention very time-consuming.

The Solution: Automated Website Backup & Self Service Restores

Now we're giving you the ability to automatically create backups at regular intervals, plus the ability to restore files, folders, emails etc on a granular level without even needing to engage with our support team.

Very easy, amazingly fast, and you're in total control.

How Did We Do This? (Spoiler: R1Soft Automated Backups)

To be able to achieve Self Service Restores we first needed to tackle the outstanding challenge

How do we make backing up so simple that you don't have to click anything and you aren't even aware it's happening?

So we've created automated nightly backups for every SMB Shared Hosting account on (vh) cPanel servers. Every night while you sleep, your website data is backed up to a dedicated repository where we hold onto it for 14 days. You can't get much simpler than that!

Quickly & Easily Restore Your Own Data

  1. Login to your cPanel hosting account and type in "R1Soft" into the search field, press enter.
  2. Click on the icon to launch the 'R1Soft Self Service Restore' user portal.
  3. Browse the folder structure to find your files, email or even DataBase.
  4. With a single click you can download to your computer OR put the data back to its original place, overwriting only the data you want to replace.

Self Service Restores – creating new I.T. heroes every day! ;)

Gerardo Altman

With over 25 years’ experience in the IT industry, Gerardo Altman is a key solutions architect and MD of Velocity Host, an Australian-based IaaS - Infrastructure As A Service provider specialising in enterprise cloud solutions.